Revolutionise Your Skills And Talents

Enhance Your Health And Wholebeing

Find Meaning And Make An Impact

Assure Your Future Success

Become Future Ready!

In this 1-hour FutureScope Forum we will introduce you to: 

Our evidence-informed ‘Solutions Sessions’ guide you to your Tomorrow’s Human Playbook because “Playbooks are a must for peak performance”

A different way of ‘being’, whole-being, not just well-being!Our Future-Ready Framework

PLUS  ….You’ll be able to:

Build positive relationships and connections within the group

Access follow-up support to help you get started

AND it’s all for free!

So what’s not to love?

26th April 12.30pm -1.30pm








Why is this needed?

  • While 83% of organisations believe it is important to develop leaders at every level, only 5% of organisations have implemented leadership development at all levels. (Zippia, 2023)
  • According to the latest Women in the Workplace Study, women leaders are leaving corporate jobs at the highest rate in years. (LeanIn.Org & McKinsey & Co, 2023)
  • From hundreds of talent executives polled, there’s wide agreement that at least 50% of the skills leaders need today are skills they currently lack. (Neuroleadership Institute, 2023)
  • 48% of leaders want to be educated by external coaching (DDI’s GLF, 2023) 

“Rigorous, yet supportive and completely and utterly worthwhile!”

“There are too many benefits to list. Great emphasis on action planning and wellbeing!!​”

“Fantastic course. I’ve learnt too many new skills to list. Most thought provoking thing I have ever done” 

Emma Last
For over 25 years, Emma has been leading teams, coaching, training, and creating strategies for change. Her HR Services experience and solutions-focused approach to overall mental health, well-being, performance, and leadership strategies come highly recommended.
She helps leaders enhance skills and strategies for life, finding a different approach that enables them to become happier, mentally healthy, and less stressed so they don’t quit their senior jobs or businesses. She is a three-time best-selling author.

Dr. Jenny Gordon         
Jenny has a 40-year background in health. She has worked in the leadership, coaching, and facilitation space for the last 18 years,  with wide-ranging experience and a sustained record of success in executive/business coaching, research supervision, evidence translation, facilitation, learning and development, quality improvement, and innovation.
Jenny is an inspirational leader who through innovative, collaborative approaches creates robust strategies for managing change across several market sectors developing brilliance in leaders and workplaces.

Geraldine McGrath
Renowned for her award-winning podcast, being an international best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and an advocate for suicide prevention.
Geraldine has two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, influential speaker, mentor, and trainer. She guides leaders on journeys of self-discovery and is dedicated to fostering openness, and empathetic intelligence. She imagines a world where individuals thrive in their authenticity, creating positive ripples. Through ‘An Unstoppable Movement,’ she empowers others to unleash their full potential.

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