Fully Funded Programme For All School and Colleges - Senior Mental Health Lead Training

This Course Has Been Quality Assured for DfE Grant Funding

It incorporates the 8 principles of a whole school or college approach

Protecting and Promoting Children’s and Young Peoples Mental Health and Wellbeing



We help you to develop the key knowledge, skills, and behaviours, whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level

12 Hours Live Accredited Training (face to face or online)

+ 2 Hours One-To-One Coaching

+ 6 Hours Group Coaching and Peer Networking

Giving you the  training and coaching support you need to across a year to thrive in your role, create impact and to embed a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing  across your school or college.  

Why us?

Tom Oxley - Director -  Bamboo Mental Health 

Emma has something to say. About burning bright, about burning out. About bouncing back better. In my TEDx talk I told the story of workplaces and mental health. Now I really feel it's time for a new story on mental health - as we enter a post-covid, hybrid-working, no-normal world. Emma's experience, and her passionate story and easy style, is something we need to hear

Marie Predergast, Head of Learning and Development

I have heard Emma speak many times and her Human Reboot is one of my go to podcasts. In my work as People Developer, Mental Health First Aider and D&I lead I recommend her talks and podcasts all the time. I enjoy her informative but relaxed style that never fails to provoke thoughts and reflection. Emma’s philosophy around rebooting is all about getting people to stop and pause, she makes it accessible to all and it inspires deeper work that helps people in thinking differently about how they look after themselves. She helps others create long lasting change one step at time in a way that works for the individual.

Shamaine Robinson - Director 

Emma Last was a speaker at my International Women's Event in March 2021. Emma shared her story which was extremely vulnerable. Emma has a passionate and engaging style, when sharing her experience and knowledge.Her story had an impact on the attendees and made them re-evaluate how to prioritise their own wellbeing.I would book Emma to speak again.

Jo Howarth - Director

Emma spoke to my members earlier this year. She is knowledgeable, experienced and engaging as a speaker. She has an open, friendly approach that brings people in and allows them to reap the benefit of her wisdom. Highly recommended

"Fantastically informative and interesting"

"I hugely valued the discussion and swapping ideas"

"I would recommend this course as it offers much more than other courses on the market"

This Training Package aids you in developing both a strategic and operational approach to a whole school approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing


Assisting you in Evaluating your School or College

Supporting you in building you own whole school Mental Health and Wellbeing Development plan

Creating strong foundations for Mental Health and Wellbeing, which can be implemented into your setting to support the improvement of behaviour, attendance and attainment.

Providing templates, plans and reviewing systems

Encouraging Wellbeing Action Planning to raise students' voice, increase awareness of their needs and the actions that they can take to positively impact their own wellbeing.

Raising awareness on spotting signs and symptoms, what interventions, signposting and resources you can put in place as part of a student’s Mental Health Action Plan as well as procedures for effective referrals.

Supporting you to indentify those groups that may be more at risk

Provides techniques to deliver change with impact successfully

Establishes how you can build on existing systems, implement new and measure impact to successfully meet core outcomes in the Mental Health Green Paper (2017)

 It’s Simple .

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Senior Mental Health Lead Training and Coaching – Face to Face  

2 days face to face training course , plus  online 2 hours one-to-one coaching and 6 hours group and peer coaching to support learning, implementation and impact 

Senior Mental Health Lead Training and Coaching – Online 

2 x  6 hr online training modules , plus  online 2 hours one-to-one coaching and 6 hours group and peer coaching to support learning, implementation and impact


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Aimed Outcomes and Impact

  • Mental health and wellbeing is promoted through the culture, curriculum, environment and ethos created by the senior leadership team and cascaded through the whole school via staff to students and their families- meeting the 8 principles.

  • Mental health and wellbeing is part of school long term priorities, is measured and outcomes are evaluated by leadership and management.

  • Appropriate community links, supports and networks have been developed.
  • Staff know how they can help themselves and those around them, including those more at risk.

  • Improvement in behaviour, attendance, attainment, success of referrals and student social and emotional outcome

  • Reduction in acute incidents and external referrals.

  • Improvement in overall staff wellbeing demonstrated by a reduction in sickness levels and retention of staff.

  • An openness to talk about mental health early, rather than struggling alone because the whole school feels supported and able to receive appropriate intervention 

12 hours Training accredited by the First Aid Industry Body + 8 Hours coaching

  • Qualified trainers with a  strong understanding  of mental health and wellbeing in education.
  • Trainers assessed to carry out course content to First Aid Industry Body Standards.
  • Experienced coaches with education expertise.
  • Mental Health Professional sharing knowledge.
  • Course written and supported by those with senior leadership, education, change management and mental health and wellbeing expertise and experience.