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Emma Can Talk About:

  • Self-care 

  • Anxiety 

  • Workplace mental health and wellbeing

  • Expectations of mental health and wellbeing in schools

  • Recovering from or preventing burnout
  • Why we should be teaching life skills in schools and workplaces

  • Workplace culture and toxicity 
  • Work-life balance and flexible working

  • Growing and thriving from adversity

Emma Last

Emma Last is a Mental Health Advocate and Strategist. She talks openly about her own high functioning anxiety since childhood and her burnout after her 19 year HR services leadership career. 
She supports workplaces, school and individuals to put in place effective measurable mental health and wellbeing strategies that include training, talks, coaching and holistic therapies.

She is hugely driven to help people to understand both mental health problems and positive mental health, so they can develop effective life skills and look after their whole-being not just their wellbeing, thus preventing them from getting to where she did. 

She has co-written both the First Aid Industry Body’s accredited Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing for Adults and their Child and Young Persons Mental Health course. Three of her Programmes have been quality assured by the Department for Education to support schools in implementing ‘A whole school approach to mental health’.

Her business Progressive Minds was a finalist in the BIBA’s education establishment of the year in 2022.  She has a podcast ‘Human Reboot’ and is a twice no.1 best-selling author on Amazon.


    Rochelle Barrand, National World

    “Emma was a pleasure to work with, she was easy to contact, quick to reply, and extremely helpful and knowledgeable.” Rochelle Barrand, National World

    Daya, Expert Profile magazine

    “Emma has provided us with content and comments for a couple of our articles. Her informative style never fails to provoke thoughts and reflection.” 

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