Levelling Up The Impact Of Racism On Mental Health - Strategic Change Programme

For EDI, HR, L&D, Talent Acquisition and Leadership Professionals who want to lead the way with equity, inclusion and belonging


Awareness, Education and Action

We help you to develop your specialist knowledge and skills 

3 x 2.5 Hours Interactive Live Online-Training 

1 x 2.5 Hours Group Coaching and Peer Best Practice Networking Session

It will enable you to learn the tools to speak confidently about Race, Racism, and their impact on the Mental Health of your employees, by guiding you on your journey to put into action a plan to create an equitable and inclusive workplace for all. 

This Training Programme aids you in weaving  diversity and inclusion  and Mental Health and Wellbeing into the ‘DNA’ of your workplace

The importance of why an organisation needs to understand the link between mental health and race

How the barriers and challenges affect mental health for black and people of colour in the workplace

How racism can affect mental health

Gain awareness, knowledge, and the tools to educate yourself on issues of Race inequality and the impact on Black and People of Colour

Ability to challenge racism and help build an equitable workplace

Create safe spaces within your organisation for your employees to have conversations

Levelling Up – The Impact Of Racism On Mental Health

Strategic Change Programme

Thursday 22nd September 2022 –9.30am-12:00pm 

Module 1 – Awareness – Why as an organisation the link between mental health and race is important 

Wednesday 28th September 2022– 9.30am-12:00pm 

Module 2 – Education – The barriers and challenges that affect mental health for black and people of colour in the workplace 

Thursday 6th October 2022 – 9.30am-12:00pm 

Module 3 – Action – Strategic Change – Awareness and education, Recruitment, employee experience and psychological safety, social impact and customer experience

Wednesday 9th November  2022 – 9.30am-12:00pm 

Module 4 – Action planning – Interactive Live Online Mentoring (3 hours) and Peer discussion and sharing of best practices to create your development plan 

Between modules 3 and 4, you will carry out an evaluation of your workplace in relation to race and mental health and then start to create ideas and actions for your development plan, which you will be supported within session 4 by our mentors and by sharing best practice.

PLUS OPTION to purchase a Communications Toolkit and a Key Influencers group coaching session 

In this episode of the Human Reboot, Chikere Igbokwe explains how she felt broken because of the pandemic and broken because of injustices that came to light such as George Floyd’s murder. All of which had an impact on her mental wellbeing. She talks about how she rose from adversity setting up her Allyship book club and her new business in equity, diversity and inclusion and shares how she thinks we can become active allies.

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FAIB are one of the largest totally independent regulators of First Aid in the UK and are now leading the way by providing affordable accreditation for Mental Health Training Providers throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

Awareness, education and action through thought provoking DEI training that foster psychological safety and bravery

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