I was asked this question last week and was prompted to make a video of my response. Beyond completing this task it has continued to spark off a few thoughts. Powerful thoughts.

It is an exercise that is good to have in a mental health toolkit and something I wanted to share with you. It is such an important question that we should ask ourselves, and frequently remind ourselves of the answer. And not just in business, but also in our day-to-day lives; as a parent, a partner, a friend and more.

We all have many superpowers and we do not often acknowledge them in ourselves. As a society, we are much better at giving others praise and identifying their strengths rather than our own.  We seem to be better at telling others about what we are not so good at, rather than what we are good at. It can feel uncomfortable and almost contrived if we seem to be blowing our own trumpet.

Why is it so effective?


In the business world we are used to being asked questions such as what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why should we hire you over the competition? How do you go the extra mile?

The way these questions are phrased adds such pressure and can actually lead to your mind going blank, panic rising and unconfidently bumbling an answer.

However, if you ask someone what their superpower is this is a much more conversational approach, a term that is often used on the playground, and something I am sure we have all answered in a ‘if you could have any superpower what would it be?’ kind of way. The element of play and alternate personas is something we can all identify with and it puts us at ease. It is much more fun to think of our strengths this way.

By asking instead for our superpowers it helps to remove some of the anxiety and pressure we feel in answering the same question asked more formally. It removes the feeling of being in an interview and asked to sell our skills. It is much easier to reach for the answer and streamline your thoughts to one answer, rather than feeling the need to answer with multiple generic examples. It gives us a bigger, more succinct response than “I’m really organised, proactive and a team player and here are some examples to show this” that are the stock answers. It gives more of a sense of your personality and values, your goals, the service you offer.

By thinking about ourselves in terms of having a superpower, it helps to give us confidence, to focus on our strengths, boost endorphins and develop positive thinking. It by focuses on our strengths and telling others about them, creates positive pathways and affirmations for our minds growth. It can be a weapon in your armoury for overcoming imposter syndrome, confidently selling yourself or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

5 Superpower super tips

Say it out loud!

By saying it aloud to a friend or loved one, or in a video, you are having to acknowledge the statement is true. To own it, to show how it is true both to yourself and others. If you’re not confident to this yet, start by writing it down and getting it out of your head.

Ask for input

If you really struggle to think what your superpower is, ask others what they think. You may be surprised at some of the answers, and the responses are likely to vary depending on the context you ask (for work you, or home you). In your business, it can be an interesting way of testing whether the you that you are putting across lines up with how you thought you were promoting yourself.

Use it for promotion

If you have a business, use your superpower to talk about why you are different to your competition, to engage with your audience and clearly sell your services. And don’t just do it once, repurpose it as a reminder every so often and develop it as your work evolves.

Have it in view somewhere

Print it and put in on your noticeboard, desk or fridge, in your purse, on your home-screen. Somewhere you will see it as a constant reminder. Like a mantra or life affirmation. Believe in it!

Review it regularly

Particularly if your business or life circumstances change – come back to it often and see if you would answer differently.

Over to you

So I ask you – what is your superpower?

Let me know what you come up with, I’d love to hear it. Even better – share it wider.

Click on the video below to see my answer

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